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The Décolleté Jewellery is a strong new product category. It suggests a feminine, fun and adventurous side of the wearer. It is ideal for women, who don’t want to wear a necklace… and for every woman who wants to stand out.

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  • Arc Gold


    The AMANOURA arc is available in 5 different sizes to ensure great comfort and fit for cup sizes ranging from 75B to 90DD.

  • Presentation Box


    1 box including
    5 arcs (one per size),
    5 jewellery pieces (can be chosen freely, but need to be 5 different designs)

  • Display Package


    - 2 Display blocks
    - 2 arcs and 2 jewellery pieces
    - Table poster A4
    - AMANOURA slide show video (monitor not included)

  • Display block


    1 AMANOURA display block